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The H.G. Wells Archive at the University of Illinois, Urbana

Deals with literally every aspect of H.G. Wells's life and includes most of his original manuscripts, letters and personal effects. The largest of its kind and indispensible to Wells scholars.

The Alliance of Literary Societies

British based alliance which the H.G. Wells Societies are associated with.

The Time Machine Project

Don and Mary Coleman's ultimate tribute to George Pal's film based on H.G.'s first literary triumph. Includes daily updates on the coming Spielberg/Dreamworks film and so much more! A great resource in general.

Pendragon Pictures' The War of the Worlds

The production company's own site with up-to-the-minute information on the film.

The Yahoo! H.G. Wells Literary Forum

The online literary forum dedicated exclusively to the discussion of H.G. Wells. A great place to meet other online Wellsians from around the world.

Reed Books; The Museum of Fond Memories

The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells

Link to the Hallmark Entertainment site (different from the Hallmark Channel site) featuring more information on "The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells."

The War of the Worlds: An Historical Perspective

A great site dedicated to historical perspectives on "The War of the Worlds."

The Surrey Choicenet; a pictorial guide to Surrey, England.

The online portal to the county of Surrey. Includes links to Woking's own website with many references to H.G. Wells and "The War of the Worlds."

Wells and His World, Wells and His Box

A "New Historicist" approach to Wells as a member of the working class who had no recognized place in society once he educated himself outside his milieu.

A student's guide to The Time Machine

An excellent animated bit about The Time Machine for students, and an online interactive quiz.

Abacci Book's entry on H.G. Wells

Abacci Books is an experimental combination of the etexts at Project Gutenberg and user reviews from - allowing visitors to browse through the Project Gutenberg archives and read contemporary opinions of the work found there. Includes links to several H.G. Wells etexts.

The War of the Worlds Online

A new website devoted to The War of the Worlds.

The Hugh & Helene Schonfield World Service Trust

A new website devoted to the late president of the H.G. Wells Society (U.K.), Hugh J. Schonfield.

The Robert A. Heinlein Society

Fantastic website devoted to the society started by Virginia Heinlein in honor of her husband's influential work.

War of the Worlds Book Cover Collection

"Dr. Zeus'" great website dedicated to cover art of The War of the Worlds.

The War of the Worlds fan overview

An interesting The War of the Worlds fan overview with other Wells book profiles planned.

** Other H.G. Wells related Internet links**